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ASU Campus Signage Standards

JRC Design provided a thorough review of both exterior and interior graphics and identity signs currently being used on all four, and vary different looks, uses and student mixed campuses for recommendations of a complete master sign program and documentation.

An earlier designed system of custom components was proving to be too expensive to implement, was too inflexible for changes, and typically illegible for the intended user. JRC Design provided new design

options using standard extrusions that would maintain the look of the systems while reducing the costs more than 50%. The final product for ASU was a standards catalogue of sign families for campus identity, freestanding and wall mounted building identity, parking lot identity and regulatory signs, pedestrian and vehicular wayfinding and directional signs and all interior identification and wayfinding needs. The system also includes placement standards so the signs would not be obscured by planting and other environmental obstructions.

The planning and development of a master wayfinding program is the organizational process of design coupled with the psychological process and understanding how people navigate. It is evaluation and research, the refinement of this gained information into goals and objectives, and then the development of communication and design strategies to reach them.