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Estrella Master Plan

Estrella is a 20,000-acre master planned community with many large individually developed residential areas, mixed-use, municipal and community related parcels. Begun in the early 90's, it had been developed over multiple phases by various owners with little regard for consistency and cohesiveness in the brand and wayfinding from phase to phase.

Tasked with a comprehensive photo survey, signage audit and wayfinding analysis of the current 10,000 acres in place, we developed recommendations

and design guidelines for the various signage and graphic uses throughout the community for now and into the future with a master plan. This included the planning, design and implementation of a sustainable semi-permanent marketing directional system that could be reused throughout future community expansion. The final design was applicable to any and all areas of the growing community, from traditional neighborhood settings, to more contemporary, regional and urban-style areas.

The planning and development of a master wayfinding program is the organizational process of design coupled with the psychological process and understanding how people navigate. It is evaluation and research, the refinement of this gained information into goals and objectives, and then the development of communication and design strategies to reach them.