Hyatt, Gainey Ranch
Spa Avania

Located at the five-star Hyatt Resort at Gainey Ranch, Spa Avania is a full-service luxury spa that is both interior and exterior oriented. Due to the indoor/outdoor nature of this unique destination, signage elements were designed to be both beautiful and durable.

A symbiotic relationship helped to realize the overall vision for Spa Avania – something which JRC Design strives to achieve for all its clients' projects through reflecting both natural and architectural elements. Materials used included granite, wood and cast acrylic with embedded grass.

Client: Hyatt Development, Inc.
Scottsdale, Arizona

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Environmental Graphic Design is the the weaving of wayfinding, identity, signage, architecture, landscapes and art together as communication and a sense of place. It is in this creation of PLACE that we help greet, inform and direct people through simple, as well as complex, environments.