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Scottsdale Healthcare Comprehensive Signage Master Plan

The original master signage program of 1998 was based on more restrictive codes, less density and a much less urban planning mentality of Scottsdale staff and residents. A decade of massive community and commercial growth around the two main campus sites provided the two main campuses an opportunity for rezoning to a higher density of development, increased building height, and additional parking facilities to accommodate the expected increase in the number of visitors for the next 25 year buildout plan.

Rezoning guidelines illustrated that while many of the sign types, locations and their communication purposes remain, their height and square footage for readability and visibility needed to be increased. JRC Design worked closely with the Hospital administration, zoning attorneys and the City of Scottsdaleā€™s planning department to get resounding approvals. Various visual acuity and site distance studies were used along with a set of design guidelines and procedures were developed for implementation.

The planning and development of a master wayfinding program is the organizational process of design coupled with the psychological process and understanding how people navigate. It is evaluation and research, the refinement of this gained information into goals and objectives, and then the development of communication and design strategies to reach them.