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Scottsdale Urban Wayfinding

Known for its art and artists involvement with the community, the challenge was management of collaborative process. The project was scrutinized by traffic, engineering, and planning departments, city council members and the mayor, and downtown merchants and property owner groups of the seven unique districts.

The project was initiated by an evaluation study and wayfinding report outlining the City’s needs and existing challenges regarding the directional system.

Following acceptance of the report's findings and recommendations, a complete system of gateways, vehicular directionals (both freestanding and pole mounted options), parking trailblazers, parking locators, and pedestrian directionals were designed. The final product for the city was the signage and graphics standards manual for complete documentation of all designs, sign locations and mapping, and sign layouts.

The planning and development of a master wayfinding program is the organizational process of design coupled with the psychological process and understanding how people navigate. It is evaluation and research, the refinement of this gained information into goals and objectives, and then the development of communication and design strategies to reach them.