Walk of Pride Markers

The JRC Design team and Artist Joan Baron collaborated closely together for this concept. Prior to any pen to paper, we developed the four “E’s” design parameters –

Effective – Sculptural, colorful, and tactile, and have high impact on the surrounding limited color palette of downtown.

Educational – Time line to the luminaries’ lives and their impact on Arizona and the nation through a multi-level montage.

Enjoyable – Engaging with their mix of materials, colors, levels of information and detail, each elevation provides different elements to discover, touch and explore.

Efficient – Redefining the set of individual kiosks into a loop path of markers instead of singular stops, each marker includes graphics of the entire path, a brief description of each luminary and its location, and overall information about the complete Walk of Pride system.

Client: Phoenix Pride Commission

  • Walk of Pride Marker
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Environmental Graphic Design is the the weaving of wayfinding, identity, signage, architecture, landscapes and art together as communication and a sense of place. It is in this creation of PLACE that we help greet, inform and direct people through simple, as well as complex, environments.