Web Design and Development

Our clients aren't "cookie-cutter." Neither are our web solutions.

Web must be an integral part of your business identity today because it may be your clients' first perception, and sometime their ONLY connection to you.

JRC Designs' expertise will program, design and build a website that is integrated with all parts of your business and identity, and will be a vital piece of your business's communication strategy. We will help convey your message, your goals and your brand in a way that enhances the public perception of your firm.

Our web designers and developers design your site with a strategic approach that includes search engine optimization (SEO) starting with the first meeting. We combine these SEO strategies with your other marketing ventures like social media, press releases, public relations and more to build an effective web presence. The goal is to find highly relevant traffic (good prospects) and then work really hard to convert them into customers. It should be part of your overall web strategy now and into the future.

As your partner we get into understanding the heart of your business. We will get to know your customers and what they want. Yes, it is an investment in time and money, but one that will pay rich dividends by creating a cost effective and successful online presence for your business.

  • Web and Interface Design for Desktop

  • Web App Development for Tablets

  • Responsive Design for Smart Phones

Your website is most often your first, and maybe only, opportunity to make a good impression. The value of a good website is in the design of its architecture, which eases navigation for your users, providing better, more direct access to the message you want them to see. Your site should be as unique as your business - through its message, its goals, its design, its performance, its product and its relationship with you.